Manuel Garcia-Ruiz

He is a PhD Scholar at CIES-Iscte and a Research Collaborator at IS-FLUP. His research in Sociology at ISCTE-IUL is supported by Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). He has a particular interest in Festivals of Light as instruments for the territorial development of secondary cities (medium and small) through the creation of a highly competitive and specialized creative tourism. 

His works include topics as city branding, cultural regeneration, commodification of arts and culture, art washing, and the construction of artistic fields. 

He is the Founder of the International Night Studies Network, Coordinator of the Rede de Etnografia Urbana (Etno.Urb), and the Director of the Urban Audiovisual Festival.

Research topics:

Light Festivals | Night Studies | Visual Urban Cultural Sociology | Culture and Art | Mix-Methods | Ethnography

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